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has been established since 2020. We provide website creation, advertising creation, performance measurement and expertise services to small and medium sized businesses in the country. Although in a period of many fluctuations and the market facing many difficulties, we still try our best to coordinate and cooperate with customers to improve the service quality of both sides.

We provide personalized service to the clients we work with. A project-long relationship for clients who love working with us and want us to continue to support them and improve their web presence. The UIO team specializes in various fields; design, development, marketing and business consulting. This ensures that each idea in the project when implemented will be completed with a sense of business intelligence that is relevant to your industry and target market.

At UIO WEB DESIGN, we understand that when customers come to us, they're not just looking for designs, they're looking for a partner who is knowledgeable about what works on the web and how it can attract attention. their target market to make a claim. That's why our motto is to harness our expertise to create amazing websites and outstanding web applications that help businesses stand out on the internet.

Our UIO design office is located in Ninh Hoa, Khanh Hoa. We are really passionate in what we do. Please talk to us and get advice from our experts on how to improve your website. We'll recommend changes to fit your budget because even small changes can make a big difference.




  • Create a new website
  • Management and maintenance
  • Write articles, update content
  • Google Ads, Facebook Ads
  • Image design
  • Short video
  • Backlink Service
  • VPS Setup
  • IT on demand


  • Website design
  • management and maintenance
  • Image design
  • Install ads
  • Make a video
  • IT on demand


  1. Receive, discuss, plan
  2. Experts of UIO WEB DESIGN will advise you via 0903-769-859, email or messaging application: telegram, viber, whatsapp, zalo for optimal solutions for development and implementation for ideas. Think your website is complete. This is the most important step for the designer to better understand the needs and goals as well as discuss to clarify the following criteria:

    1. DOMAIN
    3. INTERFACE: Layout, COLORS
  3. Design work
  4. After the goal is clear, you need to deposit at least 30% of the website design cost in advance. This amount is to pay for 3rd party costs such as domain name providers, hosting, and infrastructure settings to operate the website. The deposit amount you can transfer to your bank account or cash.

    Next, we will build the homepage on mobile devices (main interface), the platform features are used uniformly and throughout the website (ssl, css, js, web server, header, banner, footer, color, logo, layout, form).

    Time required for this process normally takes 5 days to complete. Right now you can go to https://www.your-domain-name to view your website.

  5. Website content update
  6. Next, UIO will enter the article content (20-30 articles) to complete the list of articles and detailed articles on the website (~ 3 days).

    Now that your website has completed 80%, you can check the website interface on 3 devices: phone, tablet, laptop (desktop).

  7. Testing and optimizing website
  8. This process is to optimize a website for Search Engines search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo. We check, review and adjust again so that the website meets the following criteria:

    1. Meta Tags
    2. 404 Page
    3. Title tag
    4. Optimize images (img)
    5. Optimize Links (a)
    6. Sitemap

    Meet the above criteria, we can support installation

  9. Tweak, Monitor, Maintain
  10. There are small changes that make a big difference on the website. If you see something necessary, talk to us further to make it happen. Depending on the execution time, the job may be free or paid (return to step 1).


With a team of professional website designers, UI / UX is designed delicately, conveniently, in accordance with feng shui and according to the customer's own style. Website is optimized for search engines, compatible with mobile devices, ensuring data safety and security.

Multi-device web design

Having a website, you will have an automated store and open 24/24 hours. Whenever customers want, this store is open for them to access and search for the products and services they need. Besides, customers just need to order through the feature button or contact the Hotline number on the website whenever they want easily without having to go out.

Make ideas come true


1. What is a website?


Website includes all information, data, images about products, services and business activities that enterprises want to convey to internet users. With such an important role, it can be considered that the website is the face of the company, a place to welcome and transact with customers online.

For a business, a website is a virtual office with goods and services that can be presented and sold in the global marketplace. That office is open 24 hours a day and allows your customers to find information, view, and buy your products and services anytime they want.

02. What is the benefit of having a website?

  • Unlimited Ads.
  • Opportunities for association and cooperation
  • Your business will be open 24 hours a day.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Save on postage and printing costs.
  • Customer care.

03. How long will the website take to complete?


Time to design and build a website: 10 - 30 days depending on the features and information volume and capabilities of the service provider.

04. Besides building a website, what costs do I have to pay?


The cost of domain name, cost of hosting, cost of updating content, maintenance, promotion of the website... These costs may or may not be included in the packages. services of website design service providers, you should check before signing up.

05. How do people know my website?


Free: Declare on search engines like: Google, Yahoo, Yandex. Share the link on social: Youtube, Facebook, Reddit.

Charge: Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Zalo Ads.

06. What is a domain name?


Domain, also known as domain name, is known as the website's address. We can easily see the domain in the URL bar of the browser to access the website we want. In simple terms, if a website is considered a house, the domain name is the address of that house. For example, a domain name that is very familiar to us is “”, a domain that is not too unfamiliar to internet users.

Due to the only one and only nature on the internet, you cannot register a domain name when someone else is the owner. If you need to register a domain name that corresponds to your business name, click here to check it out and register it now before someone else loses your domain name.

07. How many domain name options are there?


There are 3 types of domain names commonly used in Vietnam:

  • International-level domain names: are domain names of the form: .COM, .NET, .ORG,… These domain names are managed by ICANN (www.ICANN). manager.
  • Vietnamese level 2 domain names: are domain names of the form: .VN these domain names are managed by VNNIC ( in the country.
  • Vietnamese level 3: domain names are domain names of the form: .COM.VN, .NET.VN, ORG.VN, etc. These domain names are also managed by VNNIC organization.

08. How long does it take to register a domain name?


Domain names can be registered with a term of 1 to 10 years. When the registration period expires, the owner of the domain name needs to re-register it.

09. How many domains can I have?


Unlimited the number of domains you own depends on your budget but you can have as many domains as you want. It's important that these domain names make sense for your business.

10. What is Hosting (web hosting)?


Hosting is the space on the server where internet services such as world wide web (WWW), file transfer (FTP), email, etc. data, images of the website. Hosting is also the place where all transactions and information exchange between the website and internet users take place.

11. Does Big Hosting = Faster Website?


Some people will confuse the larger the host package, the faster the website will load. Large host package does not mean higher host access speed. This speed depends on the configuration of the server hosting the host (CPU, RAM, hard drive speed, line speed...).

12. What is a standard SEO website?


An SEO standard website is a website with full structure and tools to create SEO standard content. SEO standard content here is content that search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing...) can easily crawl (Index).

That means if you have a standard SEO website does not mean that your website will be on the Top of Google, but you just have the tool, you need the material that is the idea to build the content. useful and highly sought after content.


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